LaBGC - born 1948 - derived these letters from her three given names. To her, withdrawing as a person without name of origin and descent, is concentration on work.

The artist: „Experiences and perceptions from my inside are flowing into the working process. The viewer finds the outcome basing on his or her own experiences and perceptions.“ 

Drawing, painting, writing - from childhood on these are the means for reflexion to LaBGC. This continues consequently in the years at university with German Studies and Aesthetic Communication. Study trips in Europe, Africa and South America follow. Her residence in Catalonia - since 1989 - becomes more and more centre for life and action.

LaBGC gives preference to working with oil paint on canvas. As long as private engagement and charity-duties take up much time, her paintings are rather small and ‚handy‘, whereas the motives are clearly enlarged, closely examined. Contents often show concrete situations, forms from nature.

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